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The RZR can operate in snow, sand, mud, on grass or pavement with exceptional sure footedness. It can work in a parking garage, on a sidewalk, narrow forest trails, or open country.


The car is fully Speed Rail equipped, and can be configured to accommodate the most demanding shots.

A new, versatile camera car, purpose-built to service the Western Canadian Film Industry.



  • 110Hp 1000cc v-twin engine, top speed 130km/hr.

  • Adjustable suspension with eighteen inches of travel , configurable for on or off-road use.

  • Smooth CVT transmission with selectable four wheel drive.

  • Street or Off road tires available.

  • Built-in 2000w pure sine wave inverter.

  • Voice activated bluetooth communication in helmet for driver and riders.

  • Racing five point safety harness for all riders.

  • Speed Rail equipped.



Grady Galvin has operated the White’s insert car in Calgary for Fargo SII and for Heartland as well as several productions in Ontario. It was through this experience that the need for an off-road capable camera carrier was identified. Through extensive consultation with Bob Harper, and the team at William F White specialty equipment, the designers of the very successful “Commander” camera car, and with an eye to the unique requirements of the Western Canadian market, Grady built this unique film vehicle.



Grady is highly safety conscious and a skilled operator in any terrain.



• Rick Seaman Super level I stunt driving school.

• IFPDI (Shane Cardwell) stunt driving school.

• West Coast Superbike racing school.

• BMW high performance driving school.

• Instructor for WCMA Solo I Licensing school

• Licensed race competitor in WCMA road course racing.

• Trained, White’s certified insert car and process trailer    operator.

RZR Features:

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