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We specialize in Law Enforcement vehicles but have an extensive 
catalogue of variety:

 Exotic, Period, Military and collector cars.

 We can help you with any of your vehicle needs.





RumRunner Picture Cars was born out of passion for all things automotive and the desire to enhance and grow the Canadian film industry to its maximum potential. We aim to provide premium turnkey picture vehicles. We have the tools and experience to help you use the automobile as another medium in the canvas of your film.


The name RumRunner is a nod to a number of personal influences. As a sea captain, the tall tales of pirates and smugglers throughout history have always been favourites of mine. Although little well known, Alberta has a rich history of liquor smuggling during the prohibition years. As a young boy, I was captivated by a certain television show featuring an orange Dodge Charger and many memorable police chases that sparked the dream of working with vehicles in film one day. Though I began my career in the film industry in 1990, It wasn’t until the mid 2000’s that I found my place in the niche market of picture cars.  The various facets of RumRunner allow me to combine my passion for motor vehicles and to explore my creative side. 


We have a sizeable inventory of well equipped law enforcement vehicles, as well as an extensive database of privately owned period and modern vehicles available for rent. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your picture vehicle needs. 

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RUmRunner Picture Car Rentals is Located JUst outside Calgary, AB

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